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Falling in Love With the Process

Trust the Process.

Philly readers will recognize this as the 76ers' motto, given for their Moneyball-esque efforts to bring top talent to Philly and win a national championship.

So what is the process? I wrote weeks ago: "the process behind achieving a goal or developing a habit" is the key for accomplishment.

The process is the plan and work required on the path to achieving a goal. The goal is the end result, some far-off dream sitting elusively awaiting your future self.

The process is about the here and now. And wow sometimes it can be mundane.

Macklemore, rapper, husband, father, and recently golf-brand creator, went through a process similar to so many artists.

"There was a grind and a hunger to turn those really [bad] situations that I was in early on into great shows. That's what turned me into a good performer, it was a decade-plus of doing shows like that."

Seth Godin describes the process as "a pattern of small bridges, each just scary enough to dissuade most people. The practice requires a commitment to a series of steps, not a miracle."

As we commit to our own series of steps to tackle career, personal, or physical goals, I have to remind myself of an important piece of the process: enjoy it.

What is a small pleasure that brings me joy that I can do today?

Macklemore loved to be on stage.

I eat ice cream after big Ironman training sessions.

Small pleasures and rewards give us that rush of dopamine, but in a less scientific way we confirm to ourselves that we are on track.

By creating a process you love, the journey will be just as sweet as the destination.


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