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Welcome! Great to have you.

Dan is the founder and COO of FirstWatch Crypto, an education and investment platform working to help people understand the digital asset space.

Constantly curious, he is on a personal quest to find what makes people tick. He's passionate about translating those wants and problems into efficient, systems-based solutions.


Dan grew up in Philadelphia and draws on global travel experiences. He translates those wants and problems into a complete execution plan to achieve a goal. 

He started as a project developer at TAIT, the global leader in creating world-class live experiences, where he also had a knack for structuring company-wide development initiatives. He has always been a team player, detail-oriented, and project-driven.

Dan has presented on cryptocurrencies, creativity, entrepreneurship, career discernment, and fitness. He believes in progress and technology. And he writes a weekly newsletter called Circle Three and posts longer thoughts on his blog

He graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a B.S. in mechanical engineering. He was a member of altMBA cohort 41.

Dan loves crosswords, personality tests, piano, and waterskiing, and will always take a minute to recognize good design. He is learning basic Javascript and training for his next triathlon.

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