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Tame Impala Tour

This concert tour presented new technical and communication challenges to overcome, along with lots of stakeholders and a tight timeline that made it especially rewarding to deliver the final product!

In early 2020, I had the chance to apply technical aptitude while working on an articulating scenic lighting structure for a recent Tame Impala tour. There were technical challenges due to the complex shape of the structure and the safety and weight requirements of engineering practices for overhead structures. 

For this project, I decided to work in Autodesk Inventor software  in order to be efficient and modular in designing a compound curve structure. There was a steep learning curve, but the decision was made because the parametric abilities of Inventor offered the right tools for the job. Another challenge was bringing the compound curve to life through unfamiliar manufacturing processes: thermoforming and 6-axis machining. The project's stakeholder's included senior project managers, design leads, manufacturing leads, and third-party vendors. This proces was a success because of communication and learning from senior team members. 

The challenge of this project brought with it constant learning and understanding of people and processes. 


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