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Sweetener Tour

Mechanical design and an integration made this tour one of my best learning experiences at TAIT, getting the full tour experience.

I love understanding how processes and people work. The Sweetener Tour gave me an opportunity to experience life on the road, to get my hands dirty, and understand how I can best do my job for the people and conditions that my products would be around. 

I helped design the center-stage mechanical lift. Through my integration rotation, I created the opportunity to travel for the first two weeks of the show. The experience helped me understand how to create effective designs in the office. Read more about the show here and here.

Some of the key lessons I learned from the road include:

- Knowing WHERE you are working, whether in production hallway, in the arena VOM, or under a deck, and having the tools to get the job done right

- Huge swath of people from across the board of every type of background interacting daily, extremely difficult to manage but if done successfully they all bring the tools for success

- You get what you inspect now what you expect


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