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Starting the E-NABLE chapter at Notre Dame.

As a part of the newly founded e-NABLE chapter at ND, our team created the first prosthetic hand for a customer, Owen.  E-NABLE is “A Global Network of Passionate Volunteers using 3D Printing to Give the World a Helping Hand.”   Owen reached out to the club and was happy to be the first to receive a hand from our chapter.  The generic hand parts are archived on the e-NABLE website.   We were in touch with Owen to get the necessary measurements to customize the parts just for him.  Thanks to his mom, we pushed to finish the hand before the end of the semester and received a thrilled email during the summer that the hand was functioning perfectly.  We have continued the chapter this year and have divided the new members into teams to tackle more requests for prosthetics.

After a year of having a small club, there are growing numbers of underclassmen and we have been allocated more resources including designated printing time and an active advisor within the department to help guide our efforts. Four years later, the club now has 100 members and concurrently has teams on five projects.


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