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Celine Dion Tour: Lift Design

Celine Dion's Courage tour was included on Billboard's "Best Tours of 2019". I was involved with the mechanical design for a fabric reveal that covered the band lift's stage opening.

Celine Dion's Courage World Tour hit the world stage after her Las Vegas residency. For more information on the tour, check out TAIT's detailed article. My work included a new configuration of a stage elevator with an automated fabric reveal.

Two 14' by 8' lifts raise the band members up to the stage surface. When the lifts are lowered below the stage, automated soft good curtains roll out to span the length of the opening to emphasize Celine herself. As you can imagine, creating enough tension in the curtain to span the 14' was the first challenge.

The mechanism for the fabric reveal was taken in a new direction after initial concepts proved unable to apply the forces required to pull the 14' span. I had to analyze new concepts to choose the best path. 

I worked through and tested various iterations of the concept to test the capabilities. The touring manager and key manufacturing and senior design stakeholders offered input to hone the design so we could get it right on the first attempt. 

Design and fabrication of this automated system entailed iterating design, troubleshooting with manufacturing teams, and rapid problem-solving. 


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