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Inbox Check!

Besides Circle Three, my favorite newsletters are...

There's an endless sea of newsletter options. I can get daily updates on everything from marketing strategies to what I would need to know as a local Londoner if I wanted to.

Newsletters curate stories, products, or resources around a specific topic and give them to you in one place. Email is an amazing thing.

I have a few newsletters on my must-read list that cut through a lot of the junk-food content out there today. I also have a longer list of newsletters that I subscribe to. Whether you want to read, learn, question, or think, I have a few great newsletter options for you that have the Circle Three seal of approval.

And as always, reply with what newsletter you like best in your inbox.

My Favorite Inbox Arrivals

Here are my favorite newsletters and why each brings value.

3-2-1 promises to deliver "the most wisdom per word of any newsletter on the web," consisting of 3 ideas from Mr. Clear, 2 quotes from others, and 1 question to ponder. Every Thursday. Simple as that.

Professor Scott Galloway writes his musings on technology, relationships, and the future of the economy. He has an incredible ability to distill trends and issues in our society, then present them each Friday in an entertaining way that keeps me on my toes.

The curated weekly email is filled with "fresh discoveries at the intersection of technology, design, ethics, and sustainability." Kai curates books, tools, apps, and quotes that consistently strike a chord, and he begins the newsletter with a personal reflection, often around sustainability.

I subscribed to Morning Brew in my Economics 101 class in the Fall of 2015. Almost every day for nearly 6 years, I've read the 5 minutes of business news delivered to my inbox. It's entertaining and keeps me informed.

The Prepared's tagline is "Things to know. Mostly about manufacturing." It's a source of everything from detailed material case studies to 3D printing applications and general geekery.

Other Newsletters of Note:

In no particular order:

Khe Hy: Khe gave up Wall Street and writes about transforming your relationship with time, work, and money.

Work in Progress: Jay Clouse's email is for creators building a body of work and what an independent journey looks like.

Ridgeline: If you like long walks this is for you. Craig Mod talks LONG walks through Japan and writes about it.

Thoughts from a Bench: My friend Brendan writes about psychology and philosophy as it applies to personal and professional life.

For The Interested: A weekly curated list for those interested in learning, doing, and improving their craft.

Letter from a Learn-it-All: My friend Jen is on a mission to learn it all and shares her journey weekly.

Trends: A weekly curation exploring startups and new industries that's been valuable as I think towards the future and the evolving digital world.

FaithND: A daily Gospel reflection from Notre Dame written by someone in the ND community.

McKinsey Shortlist: The companies best ideas from the week, delivered each Monday. A great one-stop shop for deeper, relevant business topics.

That's not all, but those are my favorites and other recommendations.

What are your favorite newsletters? I'd love to check them out.


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