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Accepting Hassle and Nonsense

Leaning into tough situations and the wisdom of awareness

As one does, I stumbled across an article on Useful and Overlooked Skills. It piqued my interest, especially the first skill of the seven: “Accepting a certain degree of hassle and nonsense when reality demands it.”

We all experience burdens and inconveniences in our days. It keeps things interesting. I’m experiencing this while I travel through California and Utah for the next few weeks. Regardless of how much care is taken, plans can go awry.

It catches us off guard and reminds us that we don’t have quite as much control as we think.

Losing that sense of control can trigger panic or rage. “You realize how useful it can be once you spot someone who lacks [the skill]. They struggle to get through the day, upset by the smallest hassle.”

There is an art to taking unseen hassle and nonsense in stride. You see a sense of calm flow over those experts at applying this skill. They receive the hassle as new information, adjust the course of the plan, and continue forward with the best decision given the new inputs.

A sense of awareness helps to increase our acceptance of hassle and nonsense. I’m aware of what’s in my control and what might happen that I can’t predict or control.

And to be sure, this isn’t to say that you should accept all hassles that come your way. It’s about building awareness to know that a certain degree of hassle and nonsense will arise, and being skilled enough to know how to handle it.

Meditation, self-talk, and knowledgeable mentors can all help to strengthen this skill that reality demands of us. As can reflection of your personal experiences.

I have a long way to go but have made great strides in this skill through these tools. It’s especially important when stakes and tensions are high. How have you seen this skill, or lack thereof, in yourself and others?


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