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Rapid Sketching

Sketching is a superpower. And that's not something I think I'll ever change my mind on. What most people don't realize is that sketching can be taught, and I wanted to learn to have the ability to quickly get ideas from my head to paper in a clear, well-communicated way.

These projects demonstrate rapid sketching techniques developed at Notre Dame and during internships. The presentations show the full concept design process, including storyboards, mood boards, and final product sketches. Click the center of the image gallery for a full view.

Game Controller Design

I have never been a 'videogame guy', so I wasn't sure how to tackle this second project in Rapid Visualization.  I started with looking into the evolution of the game controller, from a simple brick held in both hands, to the introduction of the joystick and 3D movement, to ergonomic controllers and motion sensing.  Huge changes have taken place that have transformed how users interact with videogames.   Our project required mapping actions onto controllers.  I chose four actions I was familiar with: impact, finger-pick, swing, and rotate.

A mood board provided direction on the inspiration, look, and feel of the controllers, and through many concepts generations I created the final four concepts seen in the slideshow below and the presentation to the right.

This project was initially daunting, but proved to be an excellent exercise in creative concept generation and inclusion of body parts in sketches.

Shampoo Design

The first project in Rapid Visualization was for me a step into the unknown territory of product sketching.  Shampoo bottles are made of relatively simple shapes and were a great stepping stone to begin product sketching.

I conducted numerous interviews and found a few key pain points: slipping issues in gripping, large bottles that last a long time, a passion for pump-style bottles, and issues that arise when supplies are low.  I organized concepts into either pump or snap cap styles, and either complex or simple bottle shapes.

Thumbnail concept sketches can be found in the presentation on the right.  The final concepts are shown below.  These concepts each address some of the original issues found in the research phase and include the original thumbnail concept as well.

DeWalt Brand Redesign

The final project of Rapid Visualization was an exercise in visual brand language.  My assigned brand was DeWalt, and I identified aesthetic cues including function, style, and features that are described in the presentation at right.  The class was tasked with redesigning six kitchen appliances focused on these aesthetic cues, along with a trend board and persona.

My emphasis was on the sturdy, heavyset bumpers on many DeWalt products in addition to the bold coloring and practical forms.  In order to get the most out of the final project, I chose to create 3 final concept sketches by hand and 3 sketches digitally.

Luminaire Concept Development

These sketches were part of initial concept development for two luminaires as part of the the intern project at Focal Point Lights. The sketches ranged in feasibility, cost, technical specifications, and an understanding of the crux of Focal Points' products. Click on the gallery above for a full-page view.

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