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Ever since high school I've loved ceramics. There are direct links to engineering and the hands-on process of creating a product. Ceramics requires a creative and thoughtful approach to art and creation and understand the fundamentals of creating. I've been part of studios regardless of where I am located because the studio has been a meditative escape. It's my hope that you can enjoy these project examples.


While I studied engineering and have always been more than capable with the technical side of projects, I've loved having dual-brained competencies. Ceramics has served as a creative outlet for years, and has always been one of the first things I seek out when making big life transitions. My very first college class was actually Ceramics II. How many engineers can say that? 

FLOW was an installation presented at the Harvard's Continuing the Conversation Conference in 2013. See more details on the website.

I had an incredible opportunity to interview Sir Ken Robinson and had a chance to write in the midst of the project. 

That art of ceramics involves creating with your hands, constantly learning, and a patience that have all helped in nearly every aspect of my life.

Ceramics Sale Pieces

Click this link for descriptions.

After almost seven years of ceramics, shelf space was running low and I decided it was time to find these pieces new homes.  It has been quite a journey making them and I hope they can be enjoyed and used wherever they may end up!

As is all art, ceramics pieces are meant to be shared.  A handmade mug or bowl brings some wabi-sabi  into the highly manufactured lives of the 21st-century.  The uniqueness and nuances of a ceramics piece can be inspiring and a welcome change of pace.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want information or more photos!

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