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About Me

I've been fortunate to be trusted with responsibility throughout my career. I've started multiple businesses, been an SEC-listed CCO, and helped solve the biggest business problems facing teams and businesses.

These challenges gave me the tools to create and contribute value. I've passionately built and led functions across sales, product development, culture, hiring, strategic initiatives, and more.

[ I'm a purpose-driven, practical operator ]. [I love to understand how things work, and how to make them work better.] One of my superpowers is my logical, objective ability to distill problems down to their root issues, then applying creative, organized solutions to execute a plan of attack.

[ I love enabling others to do their best. ] I'm driven by seeing both business and people have a clarity of purpose. I value adventure, integrity, curiosity, and empathy.

I grew up in Philadelphia and attended Notre Dame. Personal growth is a never-ending journey that I enjoy daily; other personal hobbies are triathlons, coaching, skiing, mentoring, and reading.


My most popular/important essays:

  • 25 Learnings from 25

  • Manson's Avoidance Law

  • Beethoven's Silence

  • Consider a Portfolio Career

  • The Power of Habit

  • 2020 Integrity Report

  • Midstate Mile Recap

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